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  1. Barrel Racing
    Hey everyone, I would love to know who you like to go to for barrel racing clinics and why. I've never done a clinic before, but I'm interested in going to one this coming summer or the next. Note: I'm not a beginner or new to barrel racing. I did barrel racing all through middle-high school...
  2. Barrel Racing
    Hello everyone, I would love to know what fellow barrel racers "must have products" are for themselves and for their horses. Feel free to talk about tack, apparel, therapy, etc. Thank You!
  3. Riding and Barn Wear
    Hello everyone, I'm looking to get into eventing and have begun my search for a protective vest. I would love suggestions on affordable ones to buy or ones to avoid. They would need to meet or go above the ASTM requirements for eventing. Thank You!
  4. Horse Boarding/Livery/Agistment Queries
    Hello everyone, I've begun the process of starting to look at boarding facilities around me as I plan on purchasing a horse this coming spring. I would love to know what everyone looks for in a boarding facility for their horse. I've never boarded a horse before as my past horses lived on my...
  5. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Hi everyone, I was wanting to get everyone’s suggestions and opinions on good brushes to use for grooming. Thanks!
  6. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Social Media - Copied from "Jag Arabians" public site.
  7. Barrel Racing
    Hi everyone, I was wondering which states are the best to live in when it comes to having an abundance of barrel races to go to. The state I currently reside in just doesn't seem to have as much as I've seen in other states such as Texas and Oklahoma. I'm considering moving to those areas but...
  8. Eventing, Cross Country, Fox/Trail Hunting
    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could explain to me the different levels there are in the eventing world for the United States. I don’t know much about the levels and would like to get a good explanation on them. Thank you!
  9. Horse Talk
    Hi everyone! I was wondering if I could get some more information about the Oklahoma area (specifically OKC and Tulsa) and equine related things to do? I would love to know of areas to shop, trail riding, boarding stables, horse shows, events, what the equine community is like around there...
  10. Horse Health
    So there was this paddock with four horses, very not well taken care of. Three have cow hocks, one is very young, but I fear he will have the same fate if nobody intervenes. In the owners defense, he has a lot going on. I have enough experience to confidently say that I can care for these...
  11. Show Jumping and using jumping in training
    I've been taking riding lessons for 10 months now, every other week up until about July when I started taking lessons every week. I've done lots of groundpoles and have jumped little crossrails three times now. Does anyone have any tips for a beginning jumper? I can walk/trot, and my cantering...
  12. Horse Pictures
    Im in love with the blacks and the pintos ❤️ What‘re you guys favorites?
  13. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hello! I have been wanting to start training horses for others for awhile now. I am 19 and have over 10+ years of riding and training experience. I have worked and learned under multiple different trainers, and have rescued, rehabilitated and re trained over 12 horses in the past 3-4 years. I...
  14. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I got a little grey Arabian filly and was wondering what everyone thinks what kind of grey she’ll end up being. I got her from a starving situation with a bay colt, so I don’t have any kind of history on here. Here is a picture of the poor girl
  15. Leasing, Loaning, Buying, Rescuing
    Hello, I was just wondering how much experience you had before getting a horse? I have been riding since I was 9, and currently have a long-term loan of a quiet riding-school horse, an ex-trotter. I have also loaned (on and off) a very spooky and flighty Connemara, who I no longer have (due to...
  16. Riding and Barn Wear
    Should you wear full seat breeches when riding saddle seat?
  17. New and Returning members, introduce yourself here
    My name is Taylor and I'm a new rider who recently just leased my first horse!! I prefer hunt seat but will be focusing on saddle seat for a while. I have my first schooling show coming up soon and I am VERY excited!! Right now I focus on pleasure riding but as I get more of a foundation in...
  18. Western Pleasure
    I’m showing in a show in March where I will be doing western pleasure this show is kinda big it’s all breed and it costs 100$ just to do one class and I’ve never shown pleasure at a show like this and I was wondering do I have to cut my horses Mane or can I leave it long?
1-18 of 449 Results