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  1. Show Jumping
    I've been taking riding lessons for 10 months now, every other week up until about July when I started taking lessons every week. I've done lots of groundpoles and have jumped little crossrails three times now. Does anyone have any tips for a beginning jumper? I can walk/trot, and my cantering...
  2. Horse Pictures
    Im in love with the blacks and the pintos ❤️ What‘re you guys favorites?
  3. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hello! I have been wanting to start training horses for others for awhile now. I am 19 and have over 10+ years of riding and training experience. I have worked and learned under multiple different trainers, and have rescued, rehabilitated and re trained over 12 horses in the past 3-4 years. I...
  4. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I got a little grey Arabian filly and was wondering what everyone thinks what kind of grey she’ll end up being. I got her from a starving situation with a bay colt, so I don’t have any kind of history on here. Here is a picture of the poor girl
  5. Leasing, Loaning, Buying, Rescuing
    Hello, I was just wondering how much experience you had before getting a horse? I have been riding since I was 9, and currently have a long-term loan of a quiet riding-school horse, an ex-trotter. I have also loaned (on and off) a very spooky and flighty Connemara, who I no longer have (due to...
  6. Barn and Riding Wear
    Should you wear full seat breeches when riding saddle seat?
  7. New and Returning members, introduce yourself here
    My name is Taylor and I'm a new rider who recently just leased my first horse!! I prefer hunt seat but will be focusing on saddle seat for a while. I have my first schooling show coming up soon and I am VERY excited!! Right now I focus on pleasure riding but as I get more of a foundation in...
  8. Western Pleasure
    I’m showing in a show in March where I will be doing western pleasure this show is kinda big it’s all breed and it costs 100$ just to do one class and I’ve never shown pleasure at a show like this and I was wondering do I have to cut my horses Mane or can I leave it long?
  9. Horse Articles
    There are so many horse breeds, and so many more that look similar to one another. How can you tell the difference? It's difficult, but it can be done. For now, lets just stick to the most recognizable. The Arabian Horse: The Arabian horse, also called the "Arab," is one of the most...
  10. Horse Talk
    I have a mini horse that is 21 years old. He's in great health. Before this summer he has had a normal turnout schedule (Out all day and into the late afternoon, in his stall at night.) This summer to avoid heat and bugs, my barn decided to do reverse turn out (out at night, in stall during...
  11. Horse Stories, Poems, Famous Horses in sub forum
    Wind howled down the gully bringing down sheets of cold rain with it. A girl sat astride a black horse between two boulders that provided them with some shelter from the weather. From where she was positioned she was able to see into a small glade that seemed to be protected from the worst of...
  12. Horse Talk
    Hello! I have heard a lot of people in my area talk about and do endurance riding. What exactly is that and how does it work? I have a horse who used to compete in endurance rides and have been thinking about getting into it. Whats the goal? How does it work? and what are all the in's and...
  13. Horse Trainers
    I just joined this forum, and I was wondering what advice you have for a student working on her training certification. How do I get started? I already have a Facebook page and I'm working on my website. Until I have finished my schooling, I'm using my page to share educational pieces, (basic...
1-13 of 439 Results