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  1. Horse Videos
    I just discovered some videos I didn't remember I still had! Anyone want to join us this coming year?! its INCREDIBLY fun! not for the faint of heart as you are galloping for 2+ hours through the countryside with 60+ horses over cross country fences :dance-smiley05: and it is SOOOOOO FUN! (again...
  2. English Riding Queries & Competition sub forums
    What is the difference between these two boots, other than price? Is one for the show arena v.s. everyday riding? Which would look more professional for Hunt Seat Equation? General opinions, other than the ridiculous prices? What boots have the most professional appearance for Hunt Seat...
  3. Tack, Equipment, Riding Wear Classifieds
    Offered for sale - 17" Courbette Magic forward seat saddle with 14.5" flap and E-motion spring tree. Specially treated, waterproof leather - very hardy, withstands tons of use, perfect for riding outside! Dark havana brown color that easily matches with other tack. Medium gullet that flexes...
  4. General Riding queries
    Hello everyone, I rode years ago. One of my dear friends has invited me to join a local hunt in Spring 2011 and I need to start *from the beginning* Here are my questions: - how many lessons per week should I commit to? - what basic tack/clothing should I have for everyday use...
  5. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I am looking for a 19-20" english saddle with a forward flap and a medium tree. New or used is fine. Leather or synthetic is fine. Must be $400 or less. May be able to stretch budget a LITTLE but not much. Thanks!:D
  6. Tack, Equipment, Riding Wear Classifieds
    Hardly used, in excellent condition, Heythrop Black Melton fox hunting coat, black lining. 100% Melton wool for formal fox hunting season. In beautiful condition, No stains or pills, almost like new condition. Measures 19.5 eaches under arms laying flat: Measures 25" sleeve length. It is too big...
  7. Tack, Equipment, Riding Wear Classifieds
    RJ Classics Hunt Jacket never been used, just been hanging around. Light Olive/Plaid Color. I lost a ton of weight and it doesn't fit me anymore :lol: I can Take pics/measurements if needed. Also for sale, (2) Sz 32R Cotton Naturals Breeches, both side Zip. EXCELLENT condition One Pair Olive...
  8. Member Journals
    Hey! This journal is about 3 very special horses: a talented young dressage horse, a horse I've won in hunt with who I'm now training for western, and a three year old who I'm working to train to be ridden. I ride, show, and train Arabian horses. Dressage, Hunt, Western, Reining, and Trail...
  9. Horse Forum Support Help Desk
    Hey guys I only joined yesterday and I am unsure of what this whole "carrot" idea is?? All I know is that you can hunt for them... and that Spyder has a lot!! :lol: So what I'm asking is - How do I find carrots? And how do I steal them? Thanks!
1-9 of 10 Results