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  1. Horse Riding Critique
    He's a five year old 15.3 hand paint gelding, only been under saddle for about a year and a half. I would like you guys to critique his movement, and please be thorough with critiquing it, I would really like to know everything that's wrong and the good points too. Also- I ride him hunter/...
  2. Horse Training
    I recently bought an Off the track thoroughbred. She has been off the track a little over a year. She is jumping and has a wonderful rounded neck over the jump, but on the flat she keeps her head up, she doesn't hollow out her back but she looks uncomfortable. I've been looking around online on...
  3. Horse Shows
    What are judges looking to see in a under saddle flat class? What defines a 'good mover'? I believe my horse is a decent mover, but as we've moved to higher divisions, we haven't been able to place in any flat classes lately. Is there anything I can do to improve/extend his movement and...
  4. Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation
    So I was planning to do jumpers with the horse I just bought. But I would also like to do hunters first and I'm guessing I'm going to have to buy a new bridle since mine is a figure 8. They will disqualify me with that type of bridle, correct? Also I had question about my bit. I heard that any...
  5. Horse Tack and Equipment
    I was so excited when my Horze e-mail popped up today because they are having breeches buy one, get one half off!!!! Thought I'd share for those interested. They are so comfy and such great prices HOT BREECHES SPECIAL: Buy one get one half price!
  6. Horse Pictures
    Wanted to share photos from Sunday's Open Hunter/Jumper Show at Fields & Fences' huge indoor arena in Wadsworth, IL. If you click the first photo, it'll take you to a gallery of dozens more photos from this event. The other photo links to a December post from the same arena. Enjoy!