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  1. Horse Health
    Hello! This is going to be a little lengthy because I'm a paranoid parrot, but I've realized recently (although this has been present on my horse for the last year and a half, if I'm remembering my years accurately, and according to old pictures) that my 6 y/o OTTB has what I'm thinking is a...
  2. Horse Health
    So I recently started training a big forgotten TB who has been in a stall for years with infrequent and minimal turnout in an arena...did I mention years? So of course he had zero muscle tone and topline...what topline? I have been working him slowly to try and bring him back into some sort of...
  3. Horse Riding Critique
    What are your thoughts on hunters bump? Theres another horse I was looking at and it had a hunters bump, but it said that it had been looked at and did not bother the horse.
  4. Horse Breeding
    I was expecting a foal this year, but the mare lost it. I have been looking for one to purchase and found a wonderful foal. The mother has strange spinal conformation. the owner doesn't know details other than she was told it was hunters bump. It doesn't look like the few cases of HB i have...
1-4 of 4 Results