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  1. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I am showing my horse in the HUS and EQ AQHA classes and was thinking of roaching his mane which is unruly and diff you to braid
  2. Ridden Showing, Hunter/Jumper, Equitation
    I realized my other thread could have been wrote differently. I also could of gave more info. So here is to a second time. With better luck hopefully :-) I own a 6 year old Morgan mare. She is not the park style. She is more stocky, and many people think she may be Lippet. She is a very sweet...
  3. Ridden Showing, Hunter/Jumper, Equitation
    Hey guys! This year I'm looking forward to showing my 9 year old gelding in the AQHA circuit mainly HUS, eq, and hunter hack. He's 16.3 sired by Chocolua. have been working on his "frame" and would like feedback if we look like we're on the right track and how we can improve. Thanks so much!
  4. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    I am starting the AQHA circuit with my guy this year mainly in eq, hus, and hunter hack. I would love a confirmation critique and opinions on weather or not he's what they would be looking for. Thanks so much!
  5. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    Hey guys! My horse Fudge and I made it to States in HUS pleasure! Sooo excited!! But I have a few questions. There will be a TON of competition and I am a bit worried. I need to get and keep his head lower than usual becsue when i get in the class it will come up a bit. Any tips for training his...
  6. Ridden Showing, Hunter/Jumper, Equitation
    BACKGROUND: Hey! So I have an 8 year old QH gelding who I show HUS and Eq. Last year we showed W/T becasue it was his first year showing and same with mine! We placed very well but he never really had the hunter frame because we did a lot of dressage with him. He almost always rides with his...
1-6 of 6 Results