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  1. Horse Health
    Ok, My 12 year old mare went off her feed, so off to the vet, received 1 syringe Banamine they told me either IV or IM Injection. Of course IV taking about 20 minutes to work whilst IM would take about an hour. So having previous experience giving IV injections I proceeded that route. After...
  2. Horse Talk
    We got my geldings neck injected about a day ago due to some minor arthritis in his neck. Woke up this morning to see four large swollen bumps along his neck on both sides, one is quite messy the others are just large and swollen. His neck is very stiff. Is this normal? Should I worry about the...
  3. Horse Health
    Our friend had a horse the went down in the middle of the night ( she was at a newer barn - a few months at most) . It was 40 below - she is older and was in an unheated metal only barn. The vet came and gave it something (not sure yet) and within 2 secs it had a seizure - dropped to the ground...
1-3 of 3 Results