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  1. PPID, EMS, IR & related Laminitis
    So, I got my insulin resistant gelding's bloodwork results and his insulin is bad. It has come down a little from where it was six months ago, but it is still well outside the normal range. My vet was not helpful in providing any new options to bring down his insulin levels, and frankly made...
  2. Horse Health
    My horse has EMS and I would just like to see who else has a horse with this condition and what you do to help keep your horse healthy. I have used supplement after supplement and so far the only one that seems to work the best is Quiessence. Please add what supplements you use and have been...
  3. Horse Health
    Obviously this can be discussed with my vet, but I was just curious about the diets of other horses who are insulin resistant. A few months ago, my horse became laminitic, and it was discovered that insulin resistance was causing his foot sensitivity. At the moment, I soak his hay in hot water...
1-3 of 4 Results