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  1. Horse Health
    My paint filly Classy is turning two this coming June, and a couple weeks ago, I noticed she had a bit of a lump under her jaw mid-way. Thought "hmm, she must be getting a wolf tooth", and left it at that. Yesterday I felt under there again, and it's turned into a bigger crusty kind of ugly...
  2. Horse Health
    My horse has started doing this "jaw stretching" sort of movement, and I'm not completely sure why.. here's a description of this jaw stretching- He opens his mouth, tenses up his jaw, and sort of bobs his head forwards, then sort of jerks his head back and repeats. He does this when I'm...
  3. Horse Health
    hello, i have a almost 5 yo paint/qh gelding. He is currently quite sick, the vet is almost positive that he does have strangles, but she believes he doesnt just have that. His legs are very like swelled, im not quite sure if thats the word i should use, they are larger than normal size, he is...
1-3 of 3 Results