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  1. Horse Riding Critique
    Can you critique my riding please? Also, if you'd like to judge my horse, you can do that as well, I appreciate any advice :) Thanks everyone! :)
  2. Ridden Showing, Hunter/Jumper, Equitation
    I would like feedback on my eq and tips to fix what I need to!:-)
  3. Horse Riding Critique
    So, this. Was so much fun to do with my mare, this her second time ever doing something like this, and I am very proud of her, and I think she did awesome(: (tell me if she didn't) I know she didn't jump the first jump, it's a cross rail, and those apparently aren't jumps anymore. I really...
  4. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    I have been watching multiple horses free jumping, and jumping with a rider. A common difference I have noticed is how high the horses back legs go up, compared to where their withers were, I also noticed that some horses seemed to "kick" their back legs when they were jumping more then other...
  5. Horse Riding Critique
    I feel like this is a prety good improvement from the last couple weeks of our jumping. What do you think? Also found this video and liked it, from the same lesson. From some of the last videos I posted where he troted in he didnt balance very weel (he is very green) but he still did it :)...
  6. Horse Riding Critique
    So these pictures are from about 1 month ago. I would get more recent ones, but the weather is preventing me from doing so. Pick me apart, i really want to know what i should work on. Sonny Is a 13 yr old 14.2 hand Qurab. Btw, i'm working on getting him to tighten his knees more. I put both good...
  7. Horse Riding Critique
    Please critique me and sonny. All of these pictures were taking from today :) Im so proud of Sonny. Be as harsh as you like :) I have been riding for 5 years but jumping competitavly for 1 year. We have improved greatly. :) 1'6 warm up 1'6 again All the rest are 2'0. I got left behind and...
1-7 of 7 Results