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  1. Horse Health
    Hello everyone! I've got a beautiful 7 year old black Morgan Mare and just recently she has been getting marks on her back legs that are all different shapes and sizes and have taken off hair. I am assuming they are kick marks as they are on her back cannon bone. But just the other day I went...
  2. Horse Health
    Hello all, my horse got kicked in the face and his eye was kind of cloudy immediately after. It's gotten a little better but just wondering what I can do?? Don't want to have to cut out my horses eye
  3. Horse Health
    Does this look like a hoof impression right in the knee area
  4. Horse Health
    my ~30 year old QH gelding is walking weirdly on this back legs. when i lead him forward he wants to face left and seems to side step on his back legs. its odd i don't know how to describe it well. when he stands he leans heavily on his back right leg. he is not limping, there is no visible...
  5. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    Okay so it's a little embarrassing to admit this, but a couple of months ago I got kicked in the mouth by one of my mares. knocked my teeth in and everything. My orthodontist said that if I didn't have my braces that I would be picking my teeth up off of the ground. Scary I know! It was totally...
  6. Horse Grooming
    Whenever I'm on the ground grooming a horse I get really nervous and scared. I have no fear riding.. or anything like that.. but when it comes to having to groom and tack up, I get super freaked out. Especially brushing around the back end, and picking hooves, and doing up the girth on the...