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  1. Horse Boarding/Livery/Agistment Queries
    There's a really tricky situation at a barn near me; a beautiful arabian paint has been boarding there for at least four years, the problem is that her owner comes at most twice a year, and pays less than half of what is in the contract. I looked at the file (I am a manager there of sorts, it's...
  2. Horse Law
    Hey there....So I found a great mare that I am in the process of buying. The man who owns her lives in Idaho and couldn't care less about getting a coggins or BI, but I told him, I wasn't really willing to risk the fines of transporting her into Wyoming without these...I read somewhere that if...
  3. Horse Law
    I have a freisian cross gelding and a spotted saddle horse mare. I live right beside my father and beside his farm is his freinds trailer. I hardly ever have time to work with my horses but I do feed them twice a day and give them supplements once a day. I used to stall them at night and give...
  4. Horse Law
    i need some legal forms for a competition arena boarding and liability
  5. Horse Law
    Our road is pretty far out in the country so there isn't a whole lot of traffic... I was just wondering what side of the road is legal to ride on and how far off the road I have to be??? Thanks :-)
1-5 of 5 Results