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  1. Horse Training
    I am currently going through Level 2 with my Appy mare, I have been delayed a couple years with having babies of mine own, lol... But now that they are getting older I am spending more time in the barn and with my horse. I absolutely love the Pats way of handling horses. What level are you on?
  2. Eventing
    I am currently competing intro at events and placing in the top two. at jumper shows i do 2'7 and i place in the top 5's. I'm starting off my eventing season beginner novice in May. i hope to school alot during the summer and hopefully compete novice in the fall. my pony is going strong but he...
  3. Horse Training
    i want to hear how YOU know when your horse is ready to move up a level in eventing. Does he/she need to win? or just simply go nicely through the 3phases without a problem? I will not reply to rude comments, this is supposed to be helpful :)
  4. Eventing
    Obviously it depends on the individual horse, but I feel like almost any horse can do lower level eventing. However, is there a certain level you would say the average "backyard horse" GENERALLY doesn't get past? BN? Novice? Training? Thanks :)