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  1. Horse Talk
    Hello, everyone, I'm new to the forum, and I want to start off by saying hello to everybody here. I would tell you more about myself besides that I'm 23 years old and an entrepreneur, but as far as the internet goes, I like to keep the specific personal details private. You never know who might...
  2. Horse Law
    I have two horses that I keep at my home. Neither are particularly valuable, they are just pets. We trail ride, we pony ride with friends, and my kids want to start 4-H shows this summer. I am thinking that I need to carry some kind of liability insurance policy. I've googled it and it looks...
  3. Horse Law
    i need some legal forms for a competition arena boarding and liability
  4. General Riding queries
    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or past experience with riding other people's horses? I've been offered to ride friends and acquaintances horses this summer (exercising some and schooling a couple of greenies - probably for compensation) but I'm concerned about...
  5. Barn, Stable & Shelter queries
    I am new to the forum and the horse world, and definitely need some advice. I am considering going into a full lease with a horse owner that posted the offer in the newspaper. Thing I'm uncertain about is the liability statement she wants me to sign. Any injuries, wounds, or soreness that occur...
1-5 of 6 Results