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    //spell check ruined the title I'm thinking of possibly purchasing a lipizzan in later to come years, and I was wondering they were even easy to keep? Would they be good for a first time backyard horse? Are they cheap at boarding places? Are they hard to clean? Any help would be highly appreciated!
  2. Horse Training
    I might get this Lipizzaner, Gustiavo Whisky. He is a serios good Dressage horse. But he can't really jump. Can I let him be trained? I want him to do about 70cm jumps. Anything I should do? Here he is. Isnt he cute:wink:
  3. Horse Breeds
    Hi, my arabian mare was just sold, now i'm getting a Lipizzaner. :-) I live in austria. Thats also where the spanish riding school is. This is the lipizzaner i will probably get. he is called Gustiavo Whisky. a bit about them Most Lipizzans measure between 15 and 16.1 hands (60 to 65 inches...
1-3 of 3 Results