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  1. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Now I know I can read online in a few minutes how to prep a horse to load into a trailer according to the experts. I know I've read about it before. However, since we don't yet have a trailer (no reason to as we have property), I've never studied the techniques in depth. I have a 6 yr old...
  2. Trailer and Horsebox queries
    So I went to pick up my horse the other day (just bought him :)) He is 5 years old - never travelled and only practised trailer loading a couple times. I arranged for a local horse transport company to load him (horsebox - more stable for his size) and take to his new yard - we had a...
  3. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hey everyone I have a 4 almost 5 yo cob who is majorly stubborn, especially when it comes to loading him into a trailer. He's not afraid of going in. A lot of the time he takes an hour to load, and am trying to find an quicker way to load him. Tried heaps of methods. But open to hear all your...
  4. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    The last time that Lakota had to load into a trailer is when he was about 7 months old. He just turned 4 this year, and this is his first time loading into the trailer since he was a colt. My grandma got extremely emotional, so sorry in advance for the shaking and crying. lol
  5. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    Hey guys, My horse will not load, he is adament that he wont go in the trailer. He isnt scared of it because when he eventually gets in there he doesnt make a fuss at all! I have tried persuading him with feed, carrots, haylage! I have tried the nice approach and just stand there waiting for...
  6. Horse Talk
    Howdy, I just got a brand spankin new bison trailer this summer and it is amazing, the only problem is my horse. He loads great (cough... now... cough) the only problem is that he gets bored when were travelling, and when he get bored he chews the crap out of anything in sight which is usually...
  7. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hey, i have a new 4 year old colt and he has been a paddock ornament for the last 1 and a half years. We have been working him for the last 6 weeks and we are ready to take him back to our property. the problem is he is reluctant to get in a horse float. we have tried tempting him with food and...
  8. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    When i got my mare "Bug" last year she loaded just fine. Never fought me to get in. Then she started resisting a little bit earlier this year. Now she won't even go near the back of the trailer. I spent 2 hours today trying to get her in. She also won't load unless i walk in with her. The only...
  9. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I bought a horse that would load into any trailer and now it takes us 40 minutes to load him. What should we do?:-(
  10. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    :Dhi:D is it possible to load my pony onto the box with no back bar cause she smashed it down the other weekend :-| thanks
1-10 of 10 Results