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  1. Horse Training
    Over the summer I took on a full lease for a four year old Paint who has been through several different trainers since he started his training last year. I am not a trainer, but due to circumstances, I have ended up mostly on my own to work with him. The person who was training him when I...
  2. Horse Training
    So I have been working every once in a while with a 8 year old Welsh Pony. A 9 year old kid rides him. Lately he has been bucking her off everytime she has a lesson. She does get back on him though and the rest of the lesson is fine. Anyways so I have been working with him and realized that he...
  3. Horse Training
    I have a young miniature horse from a rescue society. She had many issues when we first got her, to the point where you couldn't catch her or touch her at all. Now she is extremely friendly and ties, grooms, leads, backs, picks up feet, and yields to pressure on the shoulders and hind (still...
1-3 of 3 Results