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  1. Horse Pictures
    People always talk about how perfect their horses are... We all think ours are the best, right? Well, I'd like to see the best! I'm pretty sure Raider and Echo are the best horses in the world... BUT... Some people think otherwise... Go ahead! Give it your best! Ha, I bet NOBODY's horse is...
  2. Horse Talk
    Day Star has protected me before. She did it when I fell and hit my head. And when I was putting hay in the rack. Day Star chased everyone away, even her best friend! She surprised me the first time but after that I understood what she was trying to do and say by those actions. :D
  3. Horse Talk
    Firstly, hello everybody! I'm new to horse forum but this question has been bothering me for ages. When people ask how much your horse means to you, how do you respond? I usually say that it is the halfway point between having a dog and having a child. Would you agree with that? Does that put it...
  4. Horse Stories, Poems, Famous Horses in sub forum
    Why ride horses? By Stacey Sheley The morning is crisp, a breeze blows across the field bringing the smells of dying fall leaves, wet ground, old wood from the fence, and the scents of the heavens to my nose. I see the sun hitting the droplets of moisture in the early morning air before a...
1-4 of 8 Results