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  1. Share your own opinions on Horse Tack & Equipment
    I really like the look, and I've been looking for a more affordable monoflap. But I'm worried that the "more affordable" actually means CHEAP. I want something durable, comfortable, and well fitted. Anyone know anything? Is there any other great and pretty monoflaps that are affordable? I don't...
  2. Share your own opinions on Horse Tack & Equipment
    Have any of you tried the M. Toulouse Denisse saddle? Thoughts? I am interested in buying it, but I am not sure...Thanks! :-)
  3. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I know you can get some models with the "plus 4", but in general, which model of M. Toulouse saddles have the most forward flap? It would also be a huge help if the same model also offered the genesis system. Oh, and if you have a picture, that would be awesome! If not, that's okay :)
1-3 of 3 Results