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  1. Horse Health
    Hi All, This question is directed to anyone who lives in Maine or has lived in Maine in the past. My husband is applying for a job in Bar Harbor Maine. We have 2 horses and keep them on our own private farm. If he gets the job, we would ideally like to take our horses with us but I am a...
  2. Horse Shows
    Hi everyone, I am in a hunt for gymkhana shows in the maine/new hampshire area. If anyone knows of some please message me. Thank you :)
  3. Horse Talk
    In the summer we always go to Maine and I intend to stop by in New Hampshire to visit the Dover there this year. Now I read on some forums that if you have their catalog, you can get many more sales or something? Because there are coupons and sale prices in it?? I live in Canada so it isn't...
  4. General Riding queries
    JW, when is is too hot to ride? IK I live in Maine but it still can get pretty hot up here. :?
1-4 of 4 Results