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  1. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Hi! My horse Ninja has quite a long mane, and I want to grow it out more. However, I'm getting quite nervous about actually doing anything - most tutorials online suggest braiding & wrapping the mane, but I'm worried about him rubbing it and tearing it all out. So I was wondering if anyone who...
  2. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    So my quarter horse, Koby, has a beautiful, long tail that I have to trim every so often because it drags on the ground! Everyone at my barn is in love with his beautiful tail....his mane however is a different story. It is short (pretty thick) and not soft at all. Before I bought him his owner...
  3. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Do you have a horse with a dark colored Mane and Tail? (e.g, black, brown) Does this horse have dandruff on his Mane/Tail? If your answer is yes, than you probably have tried everything to get rid of it. Well I have your solution right here and its very economical. Wash your horse's Mane or...
1-3 of 3 Results