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  1. Horse Health
    I've noticed that both my Paint and my Tennessee Walker gelding have had really thin manes, and both of them had beautiful long manes before. I looked out the window a couple of days ago and found out why. My donkey has been chewing their manes, which makes sense because the problem started a...
  2. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I have a Appaloosa with a gross old rubbed out tail. I bought him like this so I never could help before I bought him but he does not rub his tail anymore. But anyways.. I want to grow it out to make it a show tail again. Nice and thick. And I know it's possible because I've seen my friends App...
  3. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I have a few questions actually. First of all my gelding's mane just won't grow the way I want it. The front half is long and gorgeous, but the back half is even shorter than my donkeys' manes. :-x Anyone know why that is? He just got back from training and a few days before we brought him...
  4. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    My horse has a very short, spiky mane. He seems to keep rubbing it on the fence and pulling it out. What can I do to stop him from doing that, and also what can I do to help his mane grow out? Thanks! :)
  5. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    So my quarter horse, Koby, has a beautiful, long tail that I have to trim every so often because it drags on the ground! Everyone at my barn is in love with his beautiful tail....his mane however is a different story. It is short (pretty thick) and not soft at all. Before I bought him his owner...
  6. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    Hey everyone, today I just found out I have a big reining show at the beginning of September and guess what? My reining mare Whiz N Tag Chic (AKA Minnie) has a big patch of mane missing from sticking it through the fence to eat grass when she had her baby :P I am wondering if anyone knows of a...
1-6 of 7 Results