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  1. Horse Boarding/Livery/Agistment Queries
    I live in the Anne Arundel County of Maryland, I'm currently looking for a barn to board my lovely mare at. I am currently a senior in high school, willing to work for board. I have experience in feed shifts, Grooming, exercising, bathing, medicating, worming, blanketing, colic, and much more.
  2. Horse Boarding/Livery/Agistment Queries
    I need a stall board for less than $300 a month (or higher if working off board is possible). Indoor arena a plus!
  3. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    Posting for a friend: Looking for an off-farm lease, willing to travel within an hour or two of Silver Spring, MD to try horse. Rider must be able to bring horse to own farm, rider has a trainer and is in a regular lesson/show program. Willing to pay up to a few hundred a month but open to...
  4. Horse Boarding/Livery/Agistment Queries
    I am looking for field boarding for my Thoroughbred/Trakehner mare in the DC, Southern Maryland area. Would like a barn that has decent a arena or ring with jumps. CC field with jumps would be great too. Near trails would be a plus. I would also like to be around an eventing type community so...
  5. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    Mr. Good Lookin’ (Nova) is looking for a new half-leaser starting in March 2012! He is 20 years old (though you’d never know it!) and has been around the block a few times. He is a dream to ride and can work almost entirely off voice commands. He has been to countless shows and has many...
1-5 of 7 Results