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    Hi everyone, I have a friend at our barn who is caring for a gray horse with several large melanomas. Several are under her tail, and now are beginning to rupture. This is the second horse at a barn I've stabled at that I've seen with this problem, but since neither of them were mine, I haven't...
  2. Horse Health
    Hello - Perhaps this topic has been addressed, if so, excuse me-I'm new and there are over 800 threads to go through. If you know of a previous thread you might be so kind to direct me to it. Thanks My 20 yo gelding was just diagnosed with melanoma - a couple of places, but the worst spot...
  3. Horse Health
    Hi, A few weeks ago we moved my horse back to our old barn after boarding at a different barn for about 6 months. Not long afterwards (a few weeks maybe) I had him on cross ties and noticed that he was not passing very much poo at all, but what was there looked quite normal. He is a 15 y/o...
1-3 of 3 Results