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    So, I'm pretty cranky with the BF so I thought I would make a funny thread as to why horses are better than men >.< I will start it off, then you can add your comments to continue the list :D Horses are never too busy to spend time with you. If they begin to stray, you can just throw a rope...
  2. Horse Talk
    In the year that i've owned my boy, he has only " nipped " twice ( just a quick lip nip ). both situations involved a male standing by his face. I've stood in that postion, my trainer ( female ) has been in that postion, and a few other females have also been in this postion. yet he has never...
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    Ok so there is this guy and I have known him for three years I think. we were in 4h together and summer just ended and this is our first year in the same school. Last year he 'dated' this other girl in my 4h for months, but she broke up with him for his best friend then tried to get him back and...
1-3 of 3 Results