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  1. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    This post lists Apprentice in the title because it may be very difficult or impossible to find an instructor who is trained to teach the US Military or Fort Riley Seat, which is the method we teach. This method is different than the contemporary Georg Morris or Hunter Seat method. It involves...
  2. Horse Talk
    I'm curious: Is there anyone here who is a horse lover and in the military? I'm currently in the Army and will be for the next couple of years. It's a great thing, but it unsurprisingly restricts my other goals in life such as more time dedicated to horses! I'm able to take lessons (basic...
  3. Horse Talk
    First off, I am new here so hello everybody! I stumbled across this site while looking up information about moving a horse across the country. This is my boy, Champ: He is a 6 year old American Appendix gelding. I have had him since he was 6 months old. :) Anyway, here goes the real question...
  4. New and Returning members, introduce yourself here
    My name is Brittany and I am currently in Alamogordo, nm. dont know how long ill be here considering i am in the military. I am 20 yrs old and i have loved horses all my life. Sadly i have yet to have one of my own, but a girl can wish!! I hope to make some friends here that i can connect with...
  5. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    Quantum leap Farm in Odessa, Florida provides disabled adults with therapy services using horses. Please Vote to help us provide free Equine therapy to Wounded Military Veterans. Provide free therapy to warriors and their families | Pepsi Refresh Everything Thanks :-P
1-5 of 5 Results