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    Hello everyone! I bought an older Collegiate RD that I am trying to find info on! It has the Olympic rings stamped on the outside of the flap and a couple more stamps on the underside of the saddle. One says Collegiate with a medal that says USA with writing around the outside that I cannot...
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    Miller's Lancer English saddle for sale. Same maker as Collegiate's but a more affordable option. Only lightly used. Size 17.5. Fits a variety of horses. Comes with leathers and irons. A few small scratches which are pictured but not noticeable when riding in. Always stored in bag in the AC...
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    Since Comet is gone and none of his saddles fit my new horses, I had to buy some new ones. This is Harley sporting our new Tekna S8 Dressage Saddle,our new Abetta Arabian Trail Saddle, and our (new to us) Millers Ap/Close contact! BEYOND comfortable :D:D:D:D
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    FOR SALE! 17.5" Medium/Medium Narrow Miller's Lancers Close contact/jumping saddle. Plain flap. Slightly cutback pommel. Would be good for a high withered horse. Really nice. Comes with a pad, stirrups, leathers, and a bridle. Asking $150 OBO
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    FOR SALE 18.5" (rides like a 17.5"-18") Medium/Medium Wide Millers Collegiate Senior event saddle. PERFECT condition other than cosmetic stirrup leather rubs. This is one of my all time favorite saddles. Super comfortable. Deep seat and slightly forward flaps. Billets are nice and sound...
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    NICE barely used 17.5" Lancers Close contact saddle. Medium tree. Plain flap. Rides great. feels like a more cushioned version of my Crosby Hunterdon. Love it but its not used enough to justify keeping it. Has a very small cut on the corner of the cantle but only cosmetic. Can throw in a...