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  1. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    I have a very talented mini mare. If she were a full horse she would be one in a million. She is around 40 inches at her withers. I’ve always said how it’s a shame she’s not large. I had this idea. I would never jeopardize her comfort, so I thought maybe we could take her egg, and a 17+ hand...
  2. Horse Breeding
    Hi i'm pretty new on the forum and happy to be here. :D names Mandii, nice meet ya'll! Anyways, not new to foaling but now that my mares have given me gorgeous foals. now the fillies are new first time mommies [at age 5], and this granny [me] is a worry wort and wonder if i should have the vet...
  3. Horse Breeding
    Hi i have just got a miniature horse filly that is 2 yr old what age do you recommend i breed her at... Thanks Nina
1-3 of 3 Results