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  1. Donkeys, Mules & Zebras
    My grandparents have a mini sicilian donkey jennet named Acacia. We have had her for almost two years now and she is almost 3 years old. I come here to their house to visit with my mother sometimes and we usually spend the weekend, but we also visit sometime for a week or more on Christmas...
  2. Donkeys, Mules & Zebras
    I am looking to sell one of my horses...I have profile listed if anyone is interested...however that leaves my wild mustang without a companion. We live on a busy highway and lets just say regardless the type of fence or stall we put him in, he just thinks of barriers as a challenge to overcome...
  3. Driving
    As I was driving in the streets today I was thinking "hey, what would I do if the donkey became unruly?" for whatever reason, taking off mainly. He has NOT ever shown any signs of being unmanageable or flightly. He is a great listener, he stops, walks and trots with voice commands 95% of the...
1-3 of 3 Results