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  1. Horse Talk
    Hello! I've been told that you cannot keep just one horse as they are herd animals. I was wondering; would a miniature horse or even a donkey be a good companion to a larger horse or should you have 2 larger horses? Or should it just be some sort of equine companion, no matter the type? :) (I...
  2. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I recently traded some goats for a three year old miniature horse. He is a stallion i plan on cutting him ASAP but i can’t even catch him to work with him. I have had to rope him three times because he panics and runs if i just look at him. He is not wild he only acts like that when i try to...
  3. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hi all <3 So I'm having some trouble at the moment with getting my 4yr old Miniature horse to jump. Hes 39 inches so on the taller side of minis :) hes also a gelding :) I have recently brought him off his previous owner and she bred him so she has had him for his whole life . she trained him...
  4. Horse Talk
    Hey everyone, me again:) So I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting a miniature horse hes very special to me haha. So like I have a few questions on.. just about everything. and I understand I could research but like I personally like getting knowledge from people who know horses and like lots...
  5. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hey SO I'm showing an miniature horse Appaloosa at the moment and I'm unsure on what colour halter to get him:runninghorse2: All the others have like Tiffany halters and gorgeous halters but I'm unsure what to get him. Also when he does hunter and the trail classes he has a nylon (not 100%...
  6. Miniature Horses
    Hello all, I have been looking at getting a harness for my little gal, and I have found a website that came well recommended for beginners and those not looking for anything fancy. I took all her measurements and know what size to get her, but I am wondering if I should hold off. She is three...
  7. Tack, Equipment, Riding Wear Classifieds
    Miniature horse nylon harness for sale. The mini modeling it is 31" Harness measurements> Saddle part is 17" Wide Backstrap 26" Long- Shortens to 22" Breast collar 23" Wide Traces 45" long Hip strap 25 1/2" wide Reins 80" long Bridle without blinkers--16" long, shortens a lot. 4" wide Bit...
  8. Horse Talk
    I need a name for a sorrel miniature horse mare. She is very sweet and gentle. Thanks!
  9. Horse Talk
    I need names for a silver dapple miniature horse filly & Black and white paint colt. Preferably names that are not super common. Thanks! :faceshot: :runninghorse2:
  10. Miniature Horses
    My mini, Silhouette, is 6 years old and roughly 32" tall. But shes really fat. Ive tried everything with her, from light lunging, jumping and basic walk, trot, canters. But shes getting fatter. For the past two months shes been on a nearly dirt paddock with her companion Princess cause she is...
  11. Miniature Horses
    I am a new horse owner of a one and a half year old mini. She has been trying to play with me like one of the herd. Meaning, she will rear slightly in play. This is carried over so that when I put a lead on her she rears, throws her head up and try's to play bite. New to training, but she does...
  12. Horse Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition
    Hey everyone :) got a few questions for all you hay-feeders (I think that's the right term:oops::lol:) out there! Right now, I have my gelding boarded at a ranch. He is on pasture 24/7, and gets one cup of alfalfa pellets twice a day plus two and a half cups of timothy pellets in the mid day...
  13. Tack, Equipment, Riding Wear Classifieds
    I'm looking to buy the surcingle part of a driving that has the loops on the surcingle ( to hold the shafts in )- I may be interested in buying an entire mini harness as well. Please send me a PM with pics and price. Must be willing to accept paypal and ship :) thanks
  14. Horse Pictures
    My miniature horse Dream always sits like a dog after he rolls! :p I have more photos but it will only let me upload one!
  15. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    I have a 10hh shetland pony for sale! Stumpy is 4 years and ready to go the way you want him to! Lead around the yard with kids on his back, saddled, bridled, and lunged - but selling him as green-broke.... VERY nice project for the kids. Would look great pulling a cart too!!! Very gentle...
  16. Horse Pictures
    Her barn is 8x10 and she spends very little time in it. She even stays out in snow and rain.
  17. Horse Talk
    hello horse world! im new to horse world but i just got my first mini 8 months old and could use any helpful advice about minis housing feeding grazing pasture anything that mayt help me along my way!:-)
1-19 of 33 Results