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  1. Horse Talk
    Before Nacho, I had never really known a gelding very well. My trainer had me ride her stallion to teach my 9-year-old self (the hard way) not to be dumb on a horse. Later she had me ride her grumpy mares, also to teach me to not be dumb on a horse. Don't get me wrong, Brooke was an amazing...
  2. Horse Health
    Many of you may not know what a cattle guard is. I moved from Michigan (where there's none) to Texas (where they're everywhere) in 2010. We brought 2 horses down (out of around 15 horses) and they had no clue what they were. Long story short...I needed a horse that I fit on and so I bought my 10...
  3. Horse Health
    Just wanted to inform ya'll about my new project, my friesian mare Velvet foaled last summer, giving us one of the most challenging little ******s ever named Jasper. First off he was born what you call a "dummy foal" which is where the foal doesn't understand the concept of nursing, so as the...
1-3 of 4 Results