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  1. Art and Craft Work
    Hey all! I have been customizing Breyer horses for a little over a year and people who have ordered from me have all loved my work. If anyone is interested they are around $100-$150 each. I can do drastic resculpting, repositioning, repairs, etc. My studio is called New Reflections Equestrian...
  2. Horse Talk
    Ok Horse People, I want to make a Breyer to look like Harley. I have selected a few of them and would like to get some input on which one captures his likeness the most. I will be doing the color myself so ignore the colors. Just looking for something that looks a lot like him conformation...
  3. Art and Craft Work
    Does anyone have a sabino (black or grey would be nice, but any color is fine) or leopard blanket appaloosa they wouldn't mind me using as a model for my new model horse? If the horse has a complicated pattern, that would be nice, I'm in the mood for details. I just need to see shots of the...
  4. Art and Craft Work
    Hi everyone, I just finished this model, he is painted to look like Tuxedo: Whaddya think?
1-4 of 4 Results