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    I've recently started leasing an American Paint horse rescue named Josh. Before I was leasing him, one Saturday I wasn't able to make it to the barn and there was a group of volunteers that came to help out at the rescue. When I came back, I found out his tail had been cut short to above his...
  2. Horse Grooming
    Ok, so it's a little bit of a long story. My horse's winter blanket has a neck piece attachement that I use. A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to let my horses mane grow out and get nice and long. I noticed that her mane would get very messy under the neck piece so to help it along I...
  3. Horse Grooming
    My horse repeatedly kept pulling chucks of her mane out. I finally got tired of it being all different lengths and cut it all about 4 inches long but I want to grow it back out. Most people say MTG works really well but I am confused on how to use it. Could someone with experience in using MTG...
  4. Horse Grooming
    I have a few questions actually. First of all my gelding's mane just won't grow the way I want it. The front half is long and gorgeous, but the back half is even shorter than my donkeys' manes. :-x Anyone know why that is? He just got back from training and a few days before we brought him...
  5. Horse Grooming
    My horse has next to no forelock, it is really thin and short :( Is there anyway or anything I can use to help it grow (like MTG) or is it one of those things that will just be that way forever?
  6. Horse Grooming
    Ok, I have a horse who likes scratching his mane out... He has a gorgeous multi colored mane, and is very long & thick, which also falls on both sides....:D BUT, in some spots its really short, some places even sticking up!! :cry: I have no clue what to do with it... I considered using MTG, but...
1-6 of 6 Results