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  1. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Earlier today Live with Sean Davis - he talks why he loves mustangs Sean Davies ? Spirit Heart Ranch with Graeme Stable Horse Training and Rehabilitation | Specializing in Horse Training and Horsemanship Riding Lessons For All Types of Horses and People
  2. Horse Talk
    Hey everyone, so as the title states, I am currently in the process of adopting a mustang. My goal is to purchase/adopt a young filly (hopefully to mature around 16hh)with limited human exposure and spend the next year training her. This is a dream I have had for a while, and I am finally at the...
  3. Horse Health
    I have a three and a half year old Mustang and I just recently noticed that he has a slightly crested neck. It's not very noticeable or large, but if I shake it, it goes back and forth easily (if you get what I'm saying). He's very fit, he doesn't have any other fatty spots on him, and he's got...
  4. Horse Talk
    The August Internet Adoption is up and there are a ton of good looking horses! I wish I could buy them all! LOL, too much work though, not enough space. xD So, which ones do you like and why? Here are a couple I loved. I...
  5. Art and Craft Work
    I was inspired to create this as a reminder of our wild Mustangs who are disappearing at an alarming rate. I am a professional photographer and I used several of my photographs with horses, mountains and textures and layered them in Photoshop. Once I had what I wanted I made some virtual paint...
  6. Horse Videos
    Radioactive Horses Blinding Please enjoy :) I know my riding isn't exactly perfect but yes most of these videos only have me riding :)
  7. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    I've been looking into a new horse, he's a 20 year old Mustang and I've never had a Mustang or had any experience with this breed. Opinions on this breed? He has fantastic western gaits, I haven't seen him do any English? Any sort of Mustang characteristic strengths and weaknesses? Thanks!
  8. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    Looking for help answering some Mustang adoptions questions. Firstly I am a Canadian living in lovely Alberta and am looking to move a fair amount of Mustangs up over the border. ( a couple at a time for sure) I was wondering if there were any other Canucks on the forum that have done just...
  9. Horse Protection
    Here is the petition link. Here is some background information about what occured at 3-Strikes Ranch. Over 100 mustangs died of starvation under the care of Jason Meduna and this man should not own any animals ever again...
1-9 of 9 Results