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  1. Horse Breeding
    Looking For Name Suggestions! Hi there! I recently purchased a colt and I have no clue what his Registered name should be! I'll attach images of him and his Sire's/Dam's Pedigree.
  2. Horse Shows
    Hi! I need help coming up with show names for my horses, Bellamy and Hugo. Bellamy is a dark bay thoroughbred gelding with a star, snip, and four white socks. He is being trained for hunter jumpers and jumpers. Hugo is a dark bay quarter horse gelding with two white socks and a coronet. He is...
  3. Horse Talk
    Hello! I recently got a new horse and I'm looking for some name ideas. Ill be honest I don't really like the classic names, I really like unique names! So no, Bella, Storm, Spot, or anything classic and normal..Please :) Also if it starts with a D, that would be cool but if not thats totally...
  4. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hello! I know saddle's composition, meaning panels, clap, girth, etc. I would like to know how to say in Romanian these, for example " CLAP " :D Thankies!:wink:
  5. Horse Talk
    Hey, I'm off to pick up my gelding tomorrow (piebald, cob, 16hh + super friendly!) I can't fully decide between two names (although its leaning towards Nero) and I just want some thoughts :) (His show name will be SuperNova fyi) Thanks!! x
  6. Horse Talk
    So, I'm having the most difficult time coming up with a barn name for my new boy. He is a 2011 off the track Standardbred gelding (never raced). His registered name is Robert T and he has a puppy dog personality. He is by As Promised out of Island Romance. I would like it somehow to connect to...
  7. Horse Talk
    So I am getting a beautiful mare, she's 19 years old which is perfect for me and my family. She's a dapple grey. The person I am buying her from lives near me, and since I felt that I would forever feel like it was "her" horse, I've decided to rename her myself to make her more "mine". Problem...
  8. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    I just purchased a 3 year old Paint (solid) gelding whom came with the name "Clyde"... it kind of doesn't fit him, so I am looking to replace this name. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated! And for whomever suggests the name I pick I will offer an exclusive prize! I will do any photoshop...
  9. Horse Shows
    I need help choosing a show name for my horse. He is a 15.2 black Morgan gelding with a small white star. His regerstered name is Coal Creek Stetson Royal but we call him Stetson. I would like his show name to maybe begin with an S or have something to do with Stetson hats..? Some of the ones I...
  10. Horse Talk
    My new STB gelding, Widow Maker "Widow" needs a new barn name as "Widow" doesn't suit his sweet personality!
  11. Horse Shows
    I need a showname for my mare (you can visit her on my Horses page). Her full name is Santana/Silvya Santana and she is very fiery and fast so if you could come up with something from that, that would be great!!
  12. Horse Talk
    Hey!!!! sooooo it might be too early for this but.... we are boarding a horse at the barn for a few weeks to see if i like him (2 weeks in and totally in looove:) so we can buy him. i would like some help with a name...right now it is Rowdy and it just does not fit him at all so i will set up a...
  13. Horse Talk
    Since I've bought Minne, I've been so in love with her I'm actually going to purchase her weanling sister. Her sister, "Yosemite," is not yet registered and I have the option to coming up with the name... I'm currently a bit lost as far as muse goes... If anyone is interested to help me come up...
  14. Horse Breeding
    Hey all, some will probably remember I bought a retired Arab Mare named Mariah, who turned out to be pregnant.Well, we're well past due date and feeling a bit antsy. She is suppossedly having a colt per hubby and farrier, which is supposedly carried longer(it's a guy thing I guess). Anywho, I am...
1-14 of 14 Results