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natural communication

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    What are some big pointers on someone who is new to the concept. I've been recently trying new things with my horses and one is the concept of natural horsemanship. What sorts of experiences have you had with "going natural"? :-):-)
  2. Horse Training
    I'm curious about whether there is already a comprehensive list that exists, in bullet or paragraph/chapter form, that discusses horse behavior basics. To elaborate... I see a lot of people that claim they do X to a horse because horses do X to each other in the wild, or naturally, in a herd...
  3. Horse Training
    What do you make of Hempflings weekly essays at his Facebook Page? I think they are very interesting but also very thought provoking and sometimes quite surprising. He is rather bold in his statements sometimes and I would be curious to hear what others make of it? I am a keen follower of his...