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  1. Horse Health
    Hello everyone, my lovely boy was diagnosed with shoulder nerve damage / sweeney two months ago. He now has the shoulder muscles that are atrophied. Apart from this, you wouldn't really know when you watch him in the field. Even when he first did it and there was a pronounced outward rotation...
  2. Horse Health
    Does anyone hahve any info on the vagus nerve and it's role/effects on a horse. I tried doing some research on google and came up with nothing. Im looking for some guidance on how allergies affect the vagus nerve and if that causes ead tossing. Thanks in advance!:D
  3. Horse Health
    i am going to post a video along with the video description copy and pasted into here. My five year old mare athena ran into a fence 4/9/2011 and got stabbed by a piece of fence into her chest area. She was bleeding "all over" as my friends said. They called me and the vet and I was there...
1-3 of 3 Results