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  1. Horse Health
    Ok so I got a new mare 2 weeks ago, she’s been grazing with my 4 other horses… yesterday I noticed she had lice ( thrilling ik) it’s not a huge infestation, mostly just in her forelock and dock but definitely a few on her body. anyway I’ve taken all the lice off I possibly can out manually...
  2. Horse Talk
    A little update on my horses and my potential new mare Stormy! She is offically coming This Saturday! As well as a update on my boy Ace! He has had his 2nd ride tuesday and he did soooo goodd! No trips to the emergency room! This was him this morning!!
  3. Horse Health
    I've only had my horse for 4 days (I know it's not long) Anyway, I haven't ridden him yet but I decided today I would lead him out of his paddock to our driveway where there's heaps of grass so he could graze for a bit. Anyway, no trouble walking him out of his paddock, once he was out though he...
1-3 of 3 Results