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  1. Horse Talk
    A few weeks ago my horse started developing rubs where her goes (it was a new girth and has since been disposed of and she had a few weeks of bareback riding). It was only the hair that was rubbed out, there were no open areas. They were symmetrical on either side. I tried numerous things to try...
  2. Horse Health
    My little arab mare was cut a while ago (bout a month) on barbed wire. -- A nasty gash just above the front right hoof... She has been seen by a vet, and taken care of pretty well; the wound has mostly closed up... all except for the surface, which is still just a scab that periodically comes...
  3. Horse Health
    Was wondering if anyone had any luck with an ointment of any kind on what looks to be a callus. We just bought the mare and she said she had fallen in the rocks on that knee but it looks callused. Got any suggestions on what we could put on it?
1-3 of 3 Results