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  1. Horse Conformation Critique
    I am looking to buy a horse! I am particularly drawn to this guy. He is 5 years old and has been raced intermittently. mainly curious what you all think about his conformation. Thanks!
  2. Horse Health
    Hey all, I’ve just started leasing a 15 year old OTTB gelding who was in poor body condition and out of work for a year or two before I came along. He’s been steadily gaining weight and muscle from our light riding, but he’s still quite hollow behind the withers, which makes saddle fitting...
  3. Horse Conformation Critique
    Hello! I am looking for a horse to add to my lesson program for intermediate/advanced riders looking to jump and show. I came across this ad and he seems like a nice horse but I'd love to hear what HF thinks about his conformation? Also, what do you guys think about his price? Thanks in advance...
  4. Horse Conformation Critique
    Here's my new boy! He hasn't jumped at all at his old home, but I thought I'd do a free lunge and see how he did! I did a tiny jump to start with, please let me know what you think of him! Also let me know if the images work!
  5. Horse Conformation Critique
    First off, let me say that I do not own this horse. I am looking around the OTTB market for a horse to train up for hunter/jumpers. This is his add on CANTER. Urge Me On It has only side shots, unfortunately, but I can't post anything here without copyright infringement. Just want to know what...