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ottb feeding weight gain
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  1. Horse Nutrition
    I have a new 5yo OTTB coming to me that is underweight and needs to put on fat and muscle and improve his topline. He is 1200lbs 16.2hh. He is coming from a place with no turnout and bad forage. I have great lush grass, so i will be starting him slowly on that increasing till he is turned out...
  2. Horse Nutrition
    I'm just interested in what you guys feed your off-track Thoroughbreds, and why? How much? Does it work? Do you have Standardbreds or Quarter Horses that have been in racing? If so what do you feed them?
  3. Horse Health
    We recently bought an OTTB(off the track thoroughbred), and he is SUPER SKINNY. We've had him for almost a month now, and I think he's either stayed the same or lost weight. I ride him 5-7 days a week, and he's on 12% Creep Feed(about 1 large scoop) and a flake of alfalfa; morning and night. We...
1-3 of 3 Results