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  1. Gaited Horses
    So i've posted here before about various problems and thanks to all your help, various online things, and other people IRL i've been able to successfully get my TWH Skyy to gait. He will do a flatwalk/dogwalk and a RW. I had to change bits to a walking horse bit from the snaffle but once I did...
  2. Gaited Horses
    I got my horse Skyy in January this year. He's a registered TWH with The Pusher as his grandsire. - He is the first gaited horse I have owned. He was trained EXTREMELY well by a teen I mean very very verrrrrrrrrrry well. When I got him he could do his FW, RW, Rack. She even said she had used him...
  3. Dressage
    I love my brand new horse dearly, and I'm just looking for some tips to improve her flatwork. Areas for improvement: * She tends to hold her head up high and really stiffen her neck. * She occasionally pins her ears a little bit and gets hissy, while we are cantering. * It's hard for me to keep...
  4. Gaited Horses
    I am finally comfortable riding Mission but we have only been in the round pen. Is a 50 foot round pen too small to expect him to gait in? I am pretty sure he broke into a pace several times this morning, but very little four-beat rack.
1-4 of 4 Results