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  1. Gaited Horses
    So I really liked doing this with warmbloods and thought I would put this out here lol. I personally LOVE gaited horses, they are SO smooth and easy to sit / post to (in my opinion at least). This girl who rides one of the gaited horses at my barn, his gaits make her seat look quite wonderful...
  2. Training, Performance, discussion, problem queries
    I have a mare that I have had since she was a filly. She has always been very unbalanced and tripped a lot even as a foal. She was anemic when I got her, but she has been treated for that. She is 6 now and she has been broke and ridden for quite a while. She has an interesting lateral walk that...
  3. Horse Health
    Hi everyone! We just bought a 14 year old QH gelding. He is in our pasture since Tuesday night (48 hours now). HE i spacing up and down the fence line - seems like non stop. Also, not sure he is drinking much water - doesn't seem like it. Are both things "normal" / OK? Thanks- Hosemamma - Lynn
  4. Gaited Horses
    I have a 6 year old standardbred Mare shes a shorter mare shes a pony (14hh). I'm Getting her to be very good with Jumping on the ground in the arena. She will give me a canter the entire time and gait here and there (she doesn't trot all she does is pace) But as soon as I get on her back she...
  5. Gaited Horses
    Why do people who ride pacers lean back so far?
  6. Gaited Horses
    I got my horse Skyy in January this year. He's a registered TWH with The Pusher as his grandsire. - He is the first gaited horse I have owned. He was trained EXTREMELY well by a teen I mean very very verrrrrrrrrrry well. When I got him he could do his FW, RW, Rack. She even said she had used him...
1-6 of 6 Results