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  1. Horse Shows
    Hello, I know about show mornings! Mine can be crazy at times. To help with this I actually typed out a checklist of everything I could possibly need so you aren't late! Pack at night time! I want you to tell me some tips that you use on show morning to make things a tad easier. Or in other...
  2. Horse Shows
    We show several times each month (in the jumpers), but it is always in my town and we always just ship in for the day.. however, this weekend we are traveling to an out of town show and, being our first time, I want to make this as stress-free as possible for my horse.. he's super spooky and...
  3. Miniature Horses
    Hi everyone! I have decided to would be a lot of fun to go camping with my Miniature gelding, Koda (pictured as a foal over there to the left), with him as a pack horse. My question is regarding age of the horse. Koda is a yearling (one year, three months). Do you think he would be physically...
1-3 of 3 Results