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  1. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    Hey guys I need a bit of help from those who are in the art world (or at least more in it than me which is not hard lol). I was packing up my things to move out and my mom told me to "take whatever paintings I wanted" from our house to add some color to my completely hospital white home and...
  2. Art and Craft Work
    A few edits in memory of Wally: And my painting, 8x10, acrylic on canvas, 6 hours:
  3. Art and Craft Work
    The Art of Mylissa Kowalski "A New Friend " 6" X 12" Acrylic on Canvas Inspired by two of the horses where I volunteer. I had the opportunity to watch one day as both horses became better acquainted with eachother. Hello. My name is Mylissa Kowalski. I am a...
  4. Art Requests
    Greetings, I'm an artist who specializes in custom portraits of animals, and though my website samples are mostly dogs at the moment, I would like to feature more horses in the future as they are my favorite personalities to capture. Please visit for samples...
  5. Art and Craft Work
    Hi Everyone, I'm an animal artist new to the horse forum who specializes in charcoal portraits, and thought I would post a link to my website to see what you thought of my work. Unfortunately I don't have many samples of horses yet, but I would love to create more in the future which is one of...
  6. Art Requests
    Here is an example of a painting I did of a friend's paint mare. I can do 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, or an 18x24 And here is a painting I did of my dog
  7. Art and Craft Work
    Here is an example of a painting I did of a friend's paint mare. I can do 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, or an 18x24
  8. Art and Craft Work
    I've been an airbrush Artist for 25 years. I'm not here to sell but show what I do or have done and to encourage others. I paint all kinds of signs. Hand painted, Airbrushed, cut and carved. All different prices and styles. Yes, license plates and wheel covers too! for license...
  9. Horse Videos
    DJ, my darling Quarter Horse, stars as the Horse Fairy in this video. He's wishing for a horse painting of course! The video is on YouTube at:
1-9 of 10 Results