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  1. American Quarter Horses
    Long backstory, but basically I am trying to locate an AQHA horse's papers through DNA matching. Yes, I know I will never be able to actually get the papers and he will always officially be grade, but I'm fairly certain the papers exist and that his DNA was submitted as a baby. I was holding out...
  2. Horse Talk
    Please help, this is urgent! I recently sold my horse, and the buyer wanted physical copies of his papers. I only have photocopies, but they're photocopies of everything needed. However, the new owner won't give us the full amount we originally agreed on until we send her the papers. We don't...
  3. Horse Talk
    :D We had gotten a 3 year old palomino mare for three hundred dollars. But we weren't able to get her papers due to a house fire. Her name is Candy T Sassy Cutter. We are not sure of the breed only that she is three and a palomino. If anyone could help me solve this problem I would be very...
  4. Horse Law
    I bought a horse 2 years ago as a 9 month old filly. The lady I bought her from said that the papers for her would be coming and she would send them. I kept trying to get ahold of her, and finnally gave up. Instead of going through her, I emailed the owner of the Stallion who said she would be...
  5. Horse Breeding
    What do you think of these bloodlines? Mr Tux Cue Paint thanks
  6. Horse Talk
    Hi, this is my first post on here so I'm a little nervous, but I also want to find her information! It's not super important to me, but I like being really informed:P I am going to be doing a year off-farm free lease with a TB mare, who I am going to try her out on Sunday, and have been trying...
  7. Horse Breeding
    I don't know if this is the right place to post this questions, tell me if I'm wrong! I have a few questions about the registration forms at the APHA. First, if I don't have the APHA ID number of the owner of the dam and sire, which is the same person, but I have his signature and his...
  8. Horse Breeding
    I am buying a paint/quarter horse. Her mother is not registered, but the father is. Is it possible to have her registered of only one of the parents' have papers? I have the breeder's information and the dad's information. Can I register her under PtHA?
1-8 of 8 Results