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  1. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I am totally new to Appaloosas - am I correct in considering my new rescue gelding an Appaloosa? Is the a way to tell if he is only Appaloosa or if there is something else? I have no background info on him. What is the exact name for his pattern? He is 4 years old and 14hh, is he likely...
  2. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I am fairly green when it comes to talking horse lingo and have been trying to figure out the right verbage to spit out that properly identifies my 4 legged homie Rufous. Exactly what color and pattern Paint is he? Unfortunately I have no papers for him. He has one blue eye.... Is that...
  3. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hi there I'm getting into medieval horse games, and want to make some medieval costumes for my horse (and me). I have already ordered the Suitability patterns, but wondering if anyone has any other patterns or links to websites where I can buy them from. They need to be fairly simple, as I...
  4. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Can anybody help me with coloring and patterns? This is my Appaloosa Mare, Sassy. She's about 13. I think she has a blanket and she is roaning out, but I could be wrong. She also has a dorsal stripe, but I don't any good pictures of it. I know my white gelding, Blue, in the background of some...
  5. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I am looking for a pattern or instructions on how to make a homemade fly veil like the picture. Or any other patterns you may have or know of for anything horse related.
  6. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Im training and breaking this mare, and possibly buying her. Im not terribly familiar with the names of pinto patterns, and am having trouble putting a name to her pattern. What do you all think?
  7. Horse Talk
    Hi guys! I'm going to a play day in a few weeks and they have a few events that I'm unfamiliar with. I'm having a hard time finding info on them on google too. If someone could tell me the pattern for international flags, half-eights, and Texas rollbacks that'd be great. :-) thanks!
  8. Trail Riding
    I am looking for an apparently discontinued Suitability pattern ... #7280 Saddle, Hay & Feed Bags. These are not saddle bags to COVER a saddle but saddle bags for trail riding, like a cantle bag, etc. Does anyone have an old one that they would sell me or allow me to copy? I could make a pattern...
  9. English Riding Queries & Competition sub forums
    Hey guys! So this thread will be quick. I have an 8 y/o QH who i show in hunters and very low level dressage and events. If you need any more info please ask below. I made it to districts in EQ (yay!) but i would like to know how to improve my horse/ me in the class. We arent usually the perfect...
  10. Horse Health
    My new STB ALWAYS has a sweaty spot on his neck/shoulder. Always in the same shape. No matter whether he is in the pasture chilling out or working. what could it be?
  11. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I've been trail riding with friends who ride western, but I use a dressage saddle. I don't have any dee rings on the back. Rather than buy saddle bags, I'm hoping to be able to make some custom to all the things I'll be carrying, but I can't find any general patterns online. Following (and...
  12. Tack, Equipment, Riding Wear Classifieds
    Hi Everyone! I make patterned polo wraps and thought I would try them out on here and see how they do. These are created by hand so sizing is approximate. They measure 4.5" x 9'. I have 5 patterns so far just to test out. I will introduce new patterns very soon. Right now they are going for...
  13. Dressage
    Hi, So dressage is definitely not my thing, but I have to do it this year for 4-H, and I need some help understanding my pattern, anything would be appreciated. It's this one: I don't understand numbers 4 and 7, how do you start a 15 m half circle at...
  14. Western Riding Queries & Competition sub forums
    Okay so every year in June, the Barn where I ride has a show. Within this show are various disciplines including freestyle. I would love to try it but I don't have any ideas on music/theme/pattern... . Please bear in mind that I will be riding a 3 year old appaloosa mare who has all the basics...
1-14 of 15 Results