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  1. Horse Talk
    I know PETA is a topic many people feel strongly about, as shown in SlideStops's thread about NYC carriage horses. This is a thread to share your feelings on PETA, get up on your soapbox, provide resources/articles (please try to verify that they are legitimate), rant, and discuss. I came...
  2. Horse Talk
    After lunch with my grandfather I decided to take a short subway ride up to Central Park. I've been meaning to head up there for a while now, so I'm happy I've finally gotten to make the trip!! I was so pleased with what I saw. As many of you know, the carriage industry is under fire. Mayor...
  3. Horse Protection
    Ok, I was just reading a thread about horse racing and such and I saw PETA mentioned many times in it. It seems most of the members in this forum are against PETA but it also appears that there are a few people who seem somewhat supportive of them. I was just wondering where everyone stands on...
1-3 of 3 Results