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  1. Horse Talk
    The video delves into the idea of why we own pets. But I wanted to point out a certain part of the video, where Kevin (I think that's his name) specifies that the reason we have/own dogs is because they respond to pointing, and that pointing is a fundamentally human trait. The time where he...
  2. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    Hola everyone! I am a female early 20's, grew up in New England with thoroughbreds and Shetland ponies before attending college, plus internships in Manhattan. My new job is bring me to Westchester NY/Greenwich CT area and I am looking for an immediate, small place to rent. Hopefully on a farm...
  3. Horse Talk
    Tell me all about your horse(s) what they can do and what they love! Tell me all about them! :lol:
  4. Horse Pictures
    Just wanted to get more involved so decided to add a couple photo albums with pics of the Ahsisi team as well as a few of our pets. Hope you all enjoy and look forward to reading some comments. Adam Vachon Ahsisi LLC
1-4 of 14 Results