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  1. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    Hello all! c': I was just wanting to know what the best cameras are out there that you guys use for photographing and recording ponies. My uncle came over a month or so ago and brought his camera to photograph the horses for us, and we were amazed at how nice they looked compared to simple...
  2. Horse Pictures
    Riding with my young cousin is always interesting to say the least. We went for a nice canter along the beach like we usually do... However, her pony decided that he didn't want to stop today-- resulting in a messy hoppity-pigroot-like action which tipped her forwards in her seat and flipped her...
  3. Horse Pictures
    Hi I was wondering if anyone had any photos of Australia's brumby horse that they wouldn't mind me using on a website? Will give credit to owner. Thanks
  4. Art and Craft Work
    I really just feel like sharing... while I'm working on my hand drawing skills, I do a type of art called 'photomanipulation'; on Deviantart there are people who post 'stock' photos of horses (or other animals), and we (the artists) take the photo and manipulate it into what we need it to be...
  5. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    Rules: - Judges say is final. - Photos must be taken by or be of you. - Maximum 2 photos per class. - All photos not fitting the class they're placed under will not be judged. - Contest ENDS Jan. 15, 2012. After this date photos are welcome on here but will not be judged :) Classes: NON-edited...
  6. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    Hello Everyone, I have decided to start another photo contest! This one should be interesting since it will require creativity and personality. RULES: 1. Contest ends Monday April 5th at 12:00 NOON and results WILL be posted NO LATER than 48 hours after closing. 2. Only TWO...
  7. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    I'm having a horse photo contest starting today (October 16, 2011) going until October 24, 2011. There will be 7 catagories, and you can only put one picture under each catagory, but you can enter as many catagories as you want. The pictures need to be of your horse and taken by you or a...
  8. Horse Pictures
    Send a picture, and if you want any words or phrases on it include that too please! :) ~ FIRST FIVE ONLY. :-P
  9. Art and Craft Work
    Hey everyone! I would really appreciate a drawing of my Mare! She is the most amazing girl, and i really appreciate her :) I will attach a few pictures, you can choose which one/s! Thank's so much!
  10. Art and Craft Work
    These are some edited pictures. I used pixlr, I really need to get photoshop. Please do not use these without my permission. All Rights Reserved. They couldn't be loaded onto the forum...maybe they were too big?[email protected]/M147N6...
  11. Art Requests
    sorry for the random cut... he decided that the fence would be a perfect place to stick his head :-P Please and thank you? :)
  12. Gaited Horses
    I have a Dark Bay, and he has brown eyes. I enjoy photography very much, but when I take pictures of him, ethier his eye will look blue (with the flash) or It will look like he doesnt have an eye (without the flash)... do you have any suggestions? (example below)
  13. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    Okay, I know lots of you won't want to post in here. I might be starting a website (about horses) and I need some photos. They don't have to be of you or your horse, just some photos of horses that can go online. Catergories: Jumping Pleasure riding Western English Dressage Cross country...
  14. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    We hear alot about those lovely purebreds but lets see those pics of your crossbreds especailly the "odd-ball" ones. This is riley, he's a very characterful wee lad and a complete show off. runs around the field with his tail over his back snorting as he goes. He's my horse of a life time and...
  15. Horse Pictures
    We, Rudy Horsemanship, are hosting a horse photo contest. The winners will be voted for online on our website. The top 12 will be featured on a 2011 calandar. Top finishers will also have their picture appear in our local and regional (PA) media- possibly even a cover! Details are posted...
  16. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hi there :) The beginning of my story is there: Now, to my problem :) I can see great improvements of both Lisa and me. We got from sharp D ring: to soft one: She would stop easily from canter to walk only on voice and...
  17. Official Horse Forum Photography Competition
    Check out my website to enter in a equine photo contest!!! Here is the web address: Monthly Equine Photo Contest - Home Winner recieves a poster with their picture!!!:D
  18. Art and Craft Work
    I don't mind what you guys do, I just know there are many amazing artists on here. So if you wouldn't mind drawing, painting, computer-editing, whatever. I just love to see all the different artwork and especially with my horse being the star =) His name is Dozer and mine is Megan. Thank you...
1-18 of 22 Results