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  1. Horse Pictures
    Just thought I'd share a few photos of my little family. The first one is of BJ, second is Makybe and last is of them two together. A few people have said that BJ is ugly and it gets on my nerves because he isn't ugly He's got a sweet nature They haven't even met him Anyway, I also attached a...
  2. Horse Talk
    What do you think is the best camera for filming ground work and riding + making photos? although the video is the most important part. Preferably under 500-600 bucks. TIA:cowboy:
  3. Horse Pictures
    I am no professional by far, but I think I got some okay photos for not having a fancy lens on my DSLR! This was my first time taking photos at a show (and my first time taking photos of horses in general). You can see the whole set of my "best" photos at the bottom of one of my latest blog...
  4. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    Hi, I have a yearling who is 3/4 quarter horse and 1/2 Belgian. I am curious as to what other people's horses of around the same breeding look like. So please post some photos below :-)
  5. Horse Pictures
    Just a few shots from around the farm. Our 'farm mascot', little Howard the donkey, had a great time running with the mares. :lol:
  6. Art and Craft Work
    I was inspired to create this as a reminder of our wild Mustangs who are disappearing at an alarming rate. I am a professional photographer and I used several of my photographs with horses, mountains and textures and layered them in Photoshop. Once I had what I wanted I made some virtual paint...
  7. General Riding queries
    I would love to see everyone's photos from when they first started riding (if you have any). Main reason being because I want to see if everyone else had as bad a position as I did (long reins, spread arms, heels forward, leaning back too much) :D .. and it might be a giggle :3
  8. Horse Pictures
    It's supposed to rain today. All of the horses were huddled under a tree together. What silly ponies! Patches has an itch! Peanut watched. c: Apache Princess hates the flies! The flies! The flies! *swishes tail* Zanzibar Prince won't stop following me! Zanzibar finally found himself...
  9. Horse Pictures
    This is the mare out in the field, she is my sisters paint mare but, we have been teaching my daughter how to groom and feed and well, basics with her. Just wanted to share some pictures, because I love taking photos and I love viewing photos! Anyone wanna share some photos of their horses?
  10. Horse Pictures
    Perhaps it's just me, but every year I try and take a photo of me and my horse/horses to use for Christmas cards. It's been a tradition of mine ever since I got my first horse back in 2004. I figured surely I can't be the only horse-crazed person out there who has done this sort of thing. If so...
  11. Horse Boarding/Livery/Agistment Queries
    Horse boarding facility now open in Grove City, OH. Our Facility Features: 60x150 well lit, indoor arena Expanded 130x300 outdoor arena with lights All new, 4-board fencing Multiple pastures to ensure safe, small group turn out New Bathroom (including shower) New lounge/viewing room featuring...
  12. Horse Pictures
    Dear all. This my first post on this lovely horse forum. I'll start by posting photos of my horses. (They are mine and my cousin's) The white is an Arabian. He is 10 years old. Not easy to ride and handle. The dark brown is also an Arabian. She's only 2 years and 4 months. I have been...
  13. Horse Talk
    Ok lets brave up and get our horrible horsey pics out in the open! I have my share of gems :shock: DISCLAIMER: I was YOUNG and inexperienced in these pics. Riding the mini was a bad idea but she was fine. I wanted to get on her so I could break her(break her to ride. not crush her) for the...
  14. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    These are some pictures I have edited. Some of them are quite old. Tell me if you like them! It will be from newest to oldest.
  15. Horse Pictures
    I need some of your horses' photos! I am in serious need!! If it is possible, please post some buckskins or Arabians, they heal me real fast..
  16. Horse Talk
    This is a picture of my horse on the day I got him as a rescue, and one of him sleeping happily in the shade yesterday. I was comparing the two photos and it is hard to believe it is even the same horse. I thought I would share these with you to demonstrate what proper nutrition as well as...
  17. Horse Pictures
    I've been doing horse show photography steadily for going on three years now, and it has developed into a business, "Cowgirl with a Camera" which can be found on facebook. Here are a few of my favorites from the past year:
  18. Horse Pictures
    Went to the barn last night and took some pics of Sonya's herd. Here they are: Sonya- Sun starting to set- The herd(minus a couple). Hope- Hope and Sonya- Sparky (I was having fun taking these pics)- Mouse-
  19. Art and Craft Work
    So I have recently taken up Equine Photography. I would love to be able to pursue this ambition further, hopefully once I have more time. Perhaps some day, have a local business. Anyways, here are just a few of the pictures I have recently taken this year. Enjoy :o)
  20. Horse Pictures
    I don't own my own horse, but i'm making a huge commitment to make the money. So ANYWAY, i would love too see the amazing bonds between the horse and its rider (you and your horse) thanks, just post pictures or stories!
1-20 of 20 Results